COVID-19 — A transfer of wealth like never before

A wealth transfer you say?

It’s really not too hard to explain what a wealth transfer is and why it’s happening at pace. In fact, the evidence is right there in front of us every day because ultimately the stock market is a representation of Big Business, their current performance, and potential future outlook.

Big Business vs the little guys…

‘Big Business’ is prospering through the pandemic, mainly at the expense of local retailers, smaller hospitality venues (restaurants and bars), and independent service-based businesses who just don’t have the resources to compete with the bigger national or global players who can operate at scale.

The individual is caught up in this wealth transfer as well

It’s not just Big Business that is thriving in this pandemic too…

All hail King Bezos et al

Of course, I couldn’t get through this blog without a mention of probably the biggest beneficiary of the global pandemic.

The further homogenization of planet earth

If independent businesses are failing and Big Business is thriving then unfortunately we’re heading for greater consolidation and a more homogenous shopping, service and retail experience. Goodbye mom-and-pop stores, local bodegas, and independent restaurants… Hello, online (location free) shopping, hyper-markets, and even more chain restaurants…

The fightback from independent businesses begins now

But it’s not all doom and gloom…



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